Competition in education is higher than it has ever been. It is especially true if you want to get into a promising yet demanding course like medical. Medical entrance exams are considered one of the toughest among all entry-level tests. Many students find it intimidating and end up giving up on their dreams.

You can find plenty of help in the present times. Platforms like Acer GAMSAT not only help you with study material but also assist in tracking your progress and improvement. Here are a few basic tips which will help you prepare solid and excel in the GAMSAT 2022.

Start early

When to start preparation is mostly a personal decision that is essentially based on your current level of preparedness. The syllabus of GAMSAT covers science, humanities, and essay writing. Different students may find different sections easier based on their backgrounds which determines your preparation routine.

However, a general idea is to start early, at least three months before the exam. This gives you adequate time to study, evaluate, revise, and get command over your preparation.

Work on a schedule

The biggest challenge is to stay focused throughout your preparation. An easy way to achieve that is to have a schedule in place and follow it. Often graduate students are busy with some job or are completing some other degree. For that reason, it is important to keep your schedule realistic so that you can follow it without a miss.

Revise to create an idea bank

Revision not only helps you to affirm your readiness but also allows you to create an idea bank, especially for section one. Going through questions, you can get some common essay themes or find topics that commonly arise in section three. This will provide your study with a better direction and make it more concise.

Practice with tips and tricks

It is often much easier to crack MCQs and essay writing. Most of these multiple choice questions have a trick that allows you to solve them quickly and correctly. If you know these tricks and have practiced them enough, you can significantly enhance your grades.

Get help and feedback

It is often difficult to assess your performance. A better idea is to get unbiased and truthful feedback that helps you identify your weaknesses better. You can ask a family member or a friend to read your essay and give their opinion about it. Or, take help from a tutor who has enough experience in guiding students for GAMSAT.

Track progress and highlight areas of difficulty

The best way of assessment is to take regular notes on what goes right and where you lagged. This will help you identify your areas of difficulty. It can be a specific kind of question in section one or a topic in section three. With such an analysis, you can schedule more time for these topics.

Prepare under exam conditions

Sometimes even well-prepared students cannot perform to the best of their capabilities in the exam. The reason is the unfamiliar exam condition. So, put away your dictionary, calculator, and Google and practice sample papers. Also, practice within strict timing. The idea is to prepare for the exam conditions so that you can get your timing right along with your knowledge.

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