Take notice of the considerations listed below to make an educated decision about whether to pursue Higher Chinese. Even though Higher Chinese may be difficult, we are here to share some advice to flourish in this topic if you still want to pursue it.

What Are Some of the Tips to Score Well?

Here are some minor recommendations gathered by many PSLE Higher Chinese Tutors:

  • Create a file folder to use as your vocabulary word bank. You may organise your folder into several categories, such as words to describe feelings/emotions, the weather, and events, for example. Put in a word every day and compose a little paragraph with 5 words once a week to become acquainted with the application of the words.
  • Make an attempt to speak a little Chinese to your pals, or if you enjoy sharing and are at ease establishing friends online, try talking in Chinese online!
  • Watch your favourite dramas or movies with Chinese subtitles on! This strategy allows you to enhance your vocabulary while watching your favourite shows.
  • Make an effort to read some Chinese every day. You may practise reading Chinese outside your textbook and a simple piece of text, such as those from Weibo, a Chinese web programme known as the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. You can browse the app anytime you have some free time. Every amount of reading will contribute significantly to your language mastery.

Should You Take Higher Chinese?

Finally, if you are still undecided about enrolling your kid or yourself in Higher Chinese, here are some factors to consider to help you make a better decision:

  • Is your youngster fluent in Chinese and routinely achieves at least 70 points on Chinese exams and examinations?
  • Are you and your child prepared to put in more time and effort to study Higher Chinese?
  • What are your objectives for taking Higher Chinese? What future plan do you have in mind? For example, it can be to gain benefits at O Levels; Higher Chinese can be regarded as a language subject in L1R5, which is required for admission to JC.
  • Are the benefits of Higher Chinese worth your commitment in time and effort?
  • Do you have the essential assistance to help you deal with Higher Chinese? If you come from a Chinese household and are exposed to Chinese regularly, you will naturally cope better. Otherwise, can you get support from someone close to you who speaks Chinese?

If you are confident that you are up for the task of studying Higher Chinese, don’t worry since Chinese tuition centres in Singapore can still assist you! These tutors should be familiar with the syllabus and have years of expertise instructing students in all the critical abilities required in each component of the Higher Chinese paper.

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