Which is the Best Advice for Creating a Unique Personal Statement?

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Seven top recommendations from a student counselor will help your personal statement writing and university application stand out and prevent frequent errors.

Because it is the first time, they will have to write anything personal about themselves with the intention of expressing their personality and drive to a stranger, many students worry about writing their personal statement. It’s challenging to write anything credible when you’re under pressure to produce something spectacular, in your opinion.

Instead, write straightforwardly and honestly while creating the initial draft of your personal statement. Keep in mind that you are different from every other application and unique. If you work with personal statement services they will ensure your statement is unique so that the reader will remember you.

  • Build two lists

Make a list of all you know about the course you want to take and why you think it’s the best degree option for you. The second item should highlight your qualifications for the course and school. Make use of these lists to assist you in writing a more unique remark.

  • Do extensive study on the topic you choose

Your personal statement will be read by admission tutors to help them determine whether you are a good fit for the program. You should be able to explain why you wish to devote the next three years to your selected degree with ease after attending open days, evaluating the course and module material, and researching the university’s core principles.

  • Promote the information you already possess and your ability to fit in

Explain why you chose to pursue the course at university and demonstrate that you did thorough research on it. Emphasize your existing topic expertise and the reasons why you are the type of student the university is seeking.

  • Showcasing your abilities

Describe your growth as a student and how your abilities and special character traits will help you succeed at university. Your personal statement must persuade institutions that you possess the study techniques necessary to inspire yourself and put in a lot of effort. Describe your motivations and how you have developed your independent learning skills using appropriate examples.

  • Be unique

You now understand why you were so enthused about the degree when you first read the course descriptions or went to a Q&A session with a professor during an open day. Make the most of the chance to express your excitement in your personal statement.

  • Don’t use cliches without context

In general, it’s a good idea to avoid clichés, but if you do believe one would help you, make sure it is justified. You might wish to include a statement like this if it’s true that you’ve always desired to learn a certain subject.

It is very crucial that you describe how this has motivated you to study related subjects and devote time to pastimes or interests that are directly related to the university major you want to pursue.

Pay attention while using words like “passionate” and a few others.

Surely everyone who applies to a university must be enthusiastic about the subject they are applying to? The word “passionate” will be used by thousands of students at least once in their personal statements, thus refraining from using it will immediately set you apart from other applicants.


Writing your personal statement can seem like a difficult process, but if you consider what you want to say before you begin and prepare well, you can finish it quickly. Keep in mind that you won’t need to utilize clichés if you write an honest, straightforward personal statement. Additionally, it will provide you with a distinct advantage over other applicants.

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